Al- Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society was established in accordance with the provisions of the list of associations and charities issued by the Council of Ministers No.107 .That was on the 5th of Jumada Al-Akhira 1420 AH which corresponding to the 16th of September 1999; and its executive issued by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs No. 760 and 30th of Muharram 1412 AH corresponding to the 11th of August 1991 AB and the instructions issued under that.
History of the Society
Prior the establishment of theAl- Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society; The Cooperative Society for Feminist Works was founded in Jeddah in 1384 AH, corresponding 1964 AD in order to benefit the female citizens who have the manual and technical skills in sewing and handcrafts and who do not benefit from these skills in money making despite their need to improve their economic status. That was due to immaturities of those skills and/or for the prevailing social concerns at that time, the thing that impeded the women’s work and impedes their participation in raising the level of household income. The society institutions played a leading role at the time, that they introduced sincere efforts in the development of the cooperative spirit among the female citizens as well as the development of a sense of social responsibility; the thing that urge the female role in their  community services. That was shaped the major goal of the Assembly which was:
To develop a spirit of cooperation among its members and among those who cooperate with them from other institutions and individuals, and rely on the cooperation as a fundamental principle in their lives in order to improve their economic, social well being, that was through the following:
  • Enrollment of women wishing to work and use their leisure time in doing productive work; doing workshops activities and household management.
  • Development of feminist workshops and increase the level of their technical and production capacity benefiting from the existing experiences in this area and establishing a feminist Institute for technical and professional training.
  • Provision and contribution of social services to the society members.
  • Social guidance through seminars and lectures.
The Society began the establishment of its institutes and departments to achieve its goals. The first nucleus establishment was the Institute for fancywork and sewing; that was on Rabie Elthany 1385 AH corresponding to July 4th 1965. Besides, the establishment of the housewife section which aims at helping the housewives to work from their homes through the development of their products and helping them to market their products through the society exhibitions.
The association also had a prominent role in the establishment of literacy classes for illiterates prior to their entry to the Institute of the fancy work and sewing. The society also led an active role in raising the cultural level of the women through lectures and seminars that were held once a month.
 Her Highness Princess Jawhara bint Saud Al-Kabeer "God rest her soul" a big role in supporting the society cooperative services through her encouragement to the institutions and her financial and moral support to the society members. She supported them with an annual donation for the performance of the pioneer development mission in serving the citizens.
To meet the desire of the board of the directors of the Cooperative Society for Feminist Works; the basic regulation of the association was amended for the sake of converting it to a charity association. That to enable achieving more of the community services in Jeddah city. Particularly , that the charity exertion during the overall recovery era of the Kingdom can give a room that can distance , deeper and effectively provide more humanitarian services that the feminist communities mostly need more than the others.
According to studies carried out on this subject beside the proved stability of the success of the feminist cooperative work   in Jeddah in performing the services that have arisen for ; the Ministerial Resolution number 443 was issued  on 7th of Rabie Awal 1395 AH corresponding  20th of  March 1975. A set of citizens were initiated the basic statute of the Association. T was then registered and given the name “Al- Al- Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society”. The society was granted the land and the buildings of the headquarters by a generous donation from the campus of The King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, "God rest his soul," Her Royal Highness Princess Saita Al- Damer.
A group of women of this country were formed the founding committee, they were:
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Mashail Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Hassa bint Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
  • Ms. Hessa Khalid Alfadl.
  • Ms. Dalal Suleiman Al-Hamad Al-Suleiman.
  • Ms. Roqaya Ibraham Buheiry.
  • Ms.Suad Ahmed Juffali.
  • Ms. Cecil Ibrahim Rushdie.
  • Ms. Shafika Abdul Qadir Algazzar.
  • Ms. Faiza Ibrahim Al-Dabbagh.
  • Ms.. Farida Abdullah Hassoun.
  • Ms. Fatima Abdullah Al-Sulaiman.
  • Ms. Nabila Mohamed Nour Al-Attar.
  • Ms. Najla Saleh Asaad.
  • Ms. Nora Khalid Al-Sa’ad.
  • Ms. Hind Saleh Asaad.
  • Ms. Huda Aziz Ba- Gffar (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs).
The Association began its actual activities after the first assembly that held on 17th of Safar 1396 AH corresponding the 18th of February 1976 for the election of the first board of directors. The distribution of the work among the committees of the association members and clarifying each committee type of work was held 1st of Rabie Al-Awal 1396 AH is corresponding to the 2nd of March 1976 AD.
The first Board of Directors was formulated in 1396 AH – 1976 AD, chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Hissa bint Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, "God rest her soul".
  • Princess Hassa bint Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
  • Princess Nayfeh bint Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.
  • Ms. Hissa Khalid  A.l-Fadl.
  • Ms. Nora Khalid Al-Saad.
  • Ms.. Farida Al-Abdullah Al-Hassoun.
  • Ms. Cecil Ibrahim Rushdi.
  • Ms. Dalal Suleiman Al-Suleiman.
  • Ms. Suad Ahmed Al-Juffali.
  • Ms. Fitaima Al-Abdullah Al-Sulaiman.
  • Ms. Al-Jawhara Mohammed Al-Angari.
  • Ms. Roqaia Ibrahim Buheiry.
The goal of formulating the committees is to achieve the objectives for which the association was established , that to raise the level of Saudi women in all aspects of social, health, cultural, religious , rehabilitative and local folklore and maintain the national heritage, the main services that includes the following
  • Social services for families, widows, orphans and the disabled.
  • Health services.
  • Religious and cultural services.
  • Childcare and maternity services.
  • Rehabilitative services.
  • Educational services.
  • Scientific studies and research in the areas of social development.
  • Market regulation, and charity concerts, festivals and exhibitions
 therefore the following committees were established:
  • Social Services Committee.
  • Health Services Committee.
  • Committee for Concerts and Exhibitions.
  • Religious and Cultural Committee.
  • Educational Committee.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Committee.
In the year 1414 AH is corresponding the year 1993 AD, the association has continued keenness development and improvement of its programs and services to cope with the societal, economic transformations and social equally, So, it started restructuring the committees by increasing the volume of services for the implementation of activities and programs as follows:
  • Committee of social and health services.
  • Committee of Maternal and childhood.
  • Committee of Studies and Research.
  • Friends classes (Educational treatment program for people with autism).
  • Program classes for the Physically Disabled, Deaf and Dumb.
  • Cultural and Religious Committee.
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Committee.
  • Educational Committee.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Committee.
After several years with increasing numbers of beneficiaries and the expansion of the volume of services and programs; the association worked on  restructuring the association’s  committees in the year 1424 AH is corresponding the year 2003 AB, that by clustering them to provide a complimentary  work through different   social and humanitarian programs and projects at the local and regional levels.
The committees were re-formed as follows:
  • Committee of social and health services.
  • Committee of maternal and childhood.
  • Committee of Jeddah Autism Center.
  • Committee of the artistic and manual product.
  • Committee of studies and cultural research.
  • Committee of training and vocational rehabilitation.
  • Committee of public relations and fundraising.
The Association’s goals were amended as follows:
  • Care for the needy families and provide financial and in-kind assistance and health.
  • Establish the concept of social solidarity through program guarantees (family sponsorship, orphan sponsorship, disabled sponsorship and sponsorship of  an autistic child).
  • Develop constructive proposals and constructive views of the policies in child care services in the boarding house belonging to the Assembly.
  • Formulation of plans and policies with respect to the training and employment through the center of artistic and manual production which is designed for the disabled and girls from needy families.
  • Training and Rehabilitation autistic through the provision of comprehensive care for them in Jeddah Autism Center.
  • Planning and preparation for professional training courses through the center of training and  vocational rehabilitation.
  • Religious and cultural awareness and social development through seminars and lectures.
  • Saudi Heritage Revival for the various regions of the Kingdom through cultural activities, concerts and entertainment.
The association made strenuous efforts to meet the requirements of the categories that it sponsored, it also developed its programs and services to meet the requirements of society development, and worked on upgrading its economic and social status; benefiting from its past experiences and improving them to cope with the current and future needs, by God willing. On 24 Zu-Alga’ida 1429 AH, corresponding  November 23, 2008 AB; the council board of Al- Faisalya Society in their meeting No. 10, they decided to adopt four main centers for the activities of the association and its programs, taking off from a new methodology based on focus in the delivery of services and programs in an institutional, organized and systematic . The centers have been identified as follows:
  • Princess Hessa bint Khalid for Social Development.
  • Al-Rafeef House for Orphans.
  • Jeddah Autism Center.
  • The Sleysla Center for developing Saudian heritage.
  • Center for public relations and resource development.
For each center there has been a specific mission, vision and   goals to work centers on achieving the association fundamentals associated with philanthropy and volunteerism comprehensive development that through its targeting rights and live up starting with the individual and family and then extends to the community.
Al Faisaliya Women Welfare Society has change her logo on 20/06/1432 - 23/5/2011 to a new design that reflects the strategic vision of the association in unification and interdependence of the four centers .