Our Centers

The Society took into consideration to achieve the highest and important goal of its many goals since its inception. That is to contribute to the social and economic development of the community and sought actively to achieve this goal for the past thirty years. The society received the fruit of their quest this great success witnessed by many. It has devoted its efforts and capacity to serve various groups of the community. It worked to provide for their needs and upgrade the level of services provided to them through the establishment of a number of centers and development projects aimed at dealing with the service and care of these groups. It worked on the development of these centers and supported them by its own or by the various sectors of society to be integrated in their performance and distinctive in their services.

Princess Hussa Development Center

The Princess Hessa bint Khalid Center for Social Development is considered one of Al-Faisalya Society most important projects. The center was established simultaneously with the establishment of the society in 1396AH – 1976 AD. The centre's goal is to achieve social and health development of various categories of society through discovering their needs and strive to meet them by a variety of programs and projects, subsidies, guarantees, health and cultural outreach, training and rehabilitation programs as to achieve family stability, elevate the standard of living and promote society.
Jeddah Center for the Autism is one of the most important projects, Al-Faisalya Feminist Charitable Society has established in Jeddah in 1414 AH 1993 AD. It is the first center of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And it is one of the most important social institutions offering the best leading educational and rehabilitative programs and family support for children with autism. The Jeddah Autism Center is the first leading center in the Arab world interested in this category of children with autism disability according to a scientific and thoughtful training program.

It is one of the most important projects, Al-Faisalya Society has established as a result of the awareness of the importance of training and rehabilitation and a contribution to improving the economic situation for girls from deaf, dumb and physically disabled families with low education and income through the practice of the profession of sewing and embroidery as an encouragement to buy Saudi handmade local products. Where production focuses on the traditional crafts that its basis fronds and wool. It thus serves women, working in this field through the purchase of their production and then developing it in an artistic, distinctive and modern form.