Establish Al-WAQF Project

Endowment (Waqf) is one of the largest charitable projects one can offer to the human society, both in his lifetime or after his death. And there is a wide range of legislation in the Islamic law to the issue of endowment which is evidence that Islam considers endowments as an act associated with Muslims and part of their priorities.
The people maintain application of the Hadith which confirms the ongoing urging for charity to benefit the people (and endowment is one of its most prominent credibility).
As an affirming to the saying of the prophet peace be upon him:  (if the son of Adam dies, his deeds stops but only three ongoing: a continuing charity, knowledge to benefit from it, or a righteous son to pray for him) (Narrated by Muslim).
The center faces significant challenges and deficit in the society resources because of:
  • The high cost of students training because of the small number of trainers and the high costs of wages.
  • The number of grants beneficiary students by Social Development Center in the society is (60%).
  • The annual expenses cost per student is (120,000) riyals.
  • The annual deficit is (3,000,000) riyals.
So, Al-Faisalya Women’s Charitable Society, Jeddah seeks to achieve adequate guarantees for the continuation of the Jeddah Autism Center project to ensure the development and improvement of services and its integration on the one hand and not halt the center and let it continue lifelong of the other hand, God willing.

The society is keen to find a solution so they formed a committee for the development of resources and to study the establishment of endowment charity to contribute in financing the center and to be one of the most important measures for permanent funding sources measure to Jeddah Autism Center.

As a first stage, we thought of other income sources in contribution to support the project budget which is annually 3,523,890 riyals annually (three million, five hundred and thirty-two thousand, eight hundred and ninety riyals.
One of the study results is the creation of a moratorium on a piece of land owned by the Al-Faisalya Society with an area of 2500 m 2, and a total value of (19.4625.500 SR)  implemented in two phases:
  • The first phase is a commercial moratorium with the value of  (10.340.652) SR.
  • The second phase is a residential moratorium with the value of (9.121.875) SR.
The project aims to develop Jeddah Autism Center to meet its various needs through the establishment of endowment management, investment of funds and the disbursement of proceeds to achieve the legitimate purposes of the endowment to ensure the development and improvement of the center's services in the following:

Raise the capacity for autistic children in the center (Approximate number of children on the waiting list each year is 122 children).
Cooperate with several institutions to train cadres to create more centers locally and regionally.
Establish a training center to serve families.
Implementation of a club project for young autistic people aged over (16) years.
Increase employment opportunities for graduates, inside and outside the autism center in suitable jobs through a training program and vocational rehabilitation.
Activating the gifted programs and care adoption for them academically, technically and in sporty.