National Day..Will Stay Always the Precious Country for us

Will Stay Always the Precious Country for us
Dating anniversary of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, corresponding to September 23, This anniversary is dear to the hearts of everyone which is unification day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by our father ,"King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman".
On this occasion,We record our pride in the cultural achievements of our beloved country which continues the march of goodness and thrive thanks to Allah .
Charitable work in the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosque King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz , may Allah protect him:
The Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has special attention to charity work. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz reformulate the concept of social work where he confirmed on transparency and the fight against corruption and poverty and  developing ,he made strategy to eradicate poverty include:
1. Work on raising the standard of living by encouraging work and production.
2. Create governmental and institutions foundation to support training and rehabilitation programs .
3. Develop success metrics of charities work.
4. Expansion in enabling low - income people to get free housing or loans.
5. Growing charity work both in quality and quantity.
6. Follow the scientific method and systematic research systematized in charitable work.
7. Establish centers for research and studies for development of charity work.
8. Increase activating of the private sector role and the adoption of social responsibility programs.
9. Establish the first projects of social responsibility in the private sector.
The country provides various types of support for charities including moral support which supervises the work of charities , direct and work in order to facilitate their tasks and they put system and rules for the work of charity.
as provides financial support where the state provides support annually to charities to help them to implement their relief programes and the distribution of aid to the needy , charities have evolved in the Kingdom in terms of the evolution of the means of charitable work and the diversity of its activities and increase financial aid , official and popular destinations interested by charity work because of its importance and its association with one of the most important segments of society.
charity work in the Kingdom  be Know from the principles and teachings of Islam and our country support  , which resulted in a growing charities and spread in all the provinces of the various regions of the Kingdom to be  617 charity associations distributed across all regions of the Kingdom.
raise thanks to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince for their continued support of charitable work and all of the shares in support of these associations with money , time and effort , and each year our country and our nation 's fine.