From Service to Sustainable Development

From  service to sustainable development
The work in the Association has been like other charities institutions  in the kingdom, which is the traditional method,  based on the distribution of Zakat, take care of orphans,  provide financial aid to poor families, and those with special needs and special circumstances. But the continuously in using this method make the Association unable to make any effects in reducing the poverty. That’s urged the Association to adopt other changes as a strategic option in responding to several changes and developments in the concept of social services and its methods.  That is due to the changes that occur in social needs. At the past, the main objective was to provide care and service to the community and groups, but the aim now is to change and develop the community.  Of course the success in achieving the goal depends on the sincerity and seriousness of social work, and on the community's desire to change and develop. It´s realized that social work is considered as one of the basic stages of social progress and development, and the standard for measuring the level of social progress for individuals..
The process of radical transformation in the concept of providing social and health services, making the changes, and the ability to impose them on the families, are the most important challenges faced by the Association at the beginning of the implementation of this shift. Bearing in mind the reaction of poor families who are accustomed to the style of traditional services. That leads us to put a strategic plan to work on the acceptance of these changes by our sponsored groups.