Al- Faisalya Society allows for all members of the community the opportunity of social solidarity  in term of providing material and moral support for orphaned children and those with special needs , poor families and patients through a variety of sponsorship  programs that allow the owners’ of white hands compassionate hearts to help these groups to achieve social welfare and education. The association depends mainly on the individual donations in the implementation of the welfare programs, the thing that affect the average of enlargement or diminishing of the sponsorship. So Society seeks always to find shareholders in program sponsorship to ensure continuity of humanitarian and charitable programs.
To participate in the program sponsorship please keep in mind the following:
  • Choose the required sponsorship program
  • Complete sponsorship form and personally delivers it to the association or sent it by mail with the payment amount declared (cash or check) or with a coupon showing he deposit   amount in the account.
  • Kindly provide the payment on time, that the association will bear the monthly provision of payment  for the beneficiaries in case the sponsor shows an interrupted mode of payment.
  • The sponsor has the right  to contribute in more than one sponsorship program to ensure. It also allows for more than one individual to share one sponsorship .
  • The sponsor can choose the category and individuals who wish to sponsorship from the list of orphans / disabled and autistic children.
  • In the case of sponsor decided stop the payment for any reason, he/she should notify the association , no later than three months.


Programs Sponsership:
Orphans’ Sponsorship:
The association provides this program for the benefit of orphaned children who have lost one or both parents and whose economic situation of those who adopted them does not allow spending on them, where the cost of sponsoring an orphan child  reaches a total of 2400 SAR annual lump sum or a monthly installments of 200 SAR.
The sponsor remains in contact the orphan through periodic reports prepared by the social specialist for orphans and/or through a direct connection with the sponsor as well as through the annual ceremony, organized by the association for the sponsors to meet the orphans.
Disabled Sponsor program:
The association provides this program for the benefit of the disabled and those with special needs of various categories. The sponsor is to pay an annual total of 2400 SAR annually or to provide an installment of monthly 200 SAR. The sponsor can communicate with the orphan through the periodic reports from social specialist to brief him on the case of the one being sponsored or by communicating with him directly to know his/her conditions and needs he/she which may wish to contribute to the provide along with the sponsorship fee.
Sponsorship Program for Rehabilitation of an Autistic Child
Jeddah Autism Center is one of the leading social institutions that offer the best educational and rehabilitative programs and family support for children with autism and prepare educational cadres specialized in the fields of autism and the use of local and international expertise for the advantage of the center's services. The center offers a chance to rehabilitate children with autism by providing full or partial scholarships to the poor who cannot afford to pay the fees that reach a total of 30,000 SAR per a year where a special program for each student depends on the capacity of each needs.

Family Sponsorship Program
The association provides this program for the benefit of the needy families registered in the association to support their standard of living by providing them with the essential requirements and prepare their children to work and become able to rely on themselves. The sponsorship include in-kind and financial assistance, the cost of family sponsorship reach a total of 2400 SAR annually, that to be provided in a lump sum or in monthly installments of 200 SAR. The communication with the family is completed through periodic reports prepared by the social worker.

The Elderly Sponsorship Program
The concept of social sponsorship is expanded to include anyone with a need, and in this sense the association provides an opportunity through this program for aid for older needy women through their sponsorship worth 1000 SAR annually and through providing them with food and the necessary health assistance. The association also allows the opportunity of communication between the sponsor and sponsored through a periodic reports prepared by the social worker about her situation or by arranging visits and meetings to communicate directly with each other.