The membership is a voluntary system that that the association is keen about to attract the Youth females and ladies from different age groups to participate with the association in its activities and different sympathy, social and voluntary forums that enables the association to prove its aims and to gain Allah compensation and reward.
Membership prerequisites:
  • The member should be a Saudian Lady.
  • To be aligning with the rules and association laws.
  • To fulfill the association fees (300-500 SAR) annually.
  • If the membership fees are delayed for more than 2 year the membership will be cancelled.


Advantages of the Association Membership:
  • Allah rewads and compensation.
  • Taking he advantage of Eltamuyoz card.
  • Taking the advantage of the discounts of the training fees of the courses organized by the association.
  • Benefit from the various activities organized by the assembly (lectures / workshops / exhibitions and conferences).
  • Development of social relationships and interaction with community groups.
  • Investment at the spare time.
  • Invitation to attend the meetings of the assembly.
  • Providing the members with the association news, programs and activities.
To participate, please fill in the form below:

Step 1 - Personal Details
Full Name
Marital Status
Identification Number
Step 2 - Contact Details
Post Box
Zip Code
Step 3 - Community Participation Data
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I acknowledge that I have filled out the form by myself and I am responsible for the accuracy or error of these data.