Welcome to Alfaisalya Welfare Society

  Al- Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society was founded in Jeddah in 1396 AH – 1976 AD;   since its foundation the Society began the implementation of social, health, cultural and rehabilitation services for the needy and low-income families. Over the last years the society was succeeded in achieving headship through its several charity projects; not only at the regional level, but at the level of the Arabian Gulf region as well.
  Provision of a decent living condition for the local community groups who we took care of.  
Our Mission
Contribute to the development of the local community through the provision of social services, health, cultural and educational.
Address of the Society
The Al- Faisalya Society is located in Jeddah city, Al Ruwais, behind the International Medical Center (Fitaihi Hospita).

Legal Information
The Al- Faisalya Society was registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs, code No. 19, under a list of associations and charities issued by the Council of Ministers No. 107 dated 25 Jumada II 1410 AH corresponding to 23 January 1990 AD.